Nadi Jyotish
No method of astrology has received so much attention as Nadi System . As always happens, any miracle is always copied and thronged by frauds. Following is popular notion about Nadi Jyotish.
  • Mr. R. Bhaskar Swamy
    It is South India based. Yes. Several original leaves are preserved in Saravasti Mahal library of Tanjore or Thanjavur, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Many Brahmin astrological communities there also possess many bundles of these leaves. Some of these bundles are ‘exported’ to cities in other parts of India like Delhi, Mumbai, etc on a temporary, rotating basis. Most original Nadi centres are in remote rural interiors of Tamil Nadu where Hindi or even English is little understood, access is difficult for common people, etc.
  • Nadi Astrology gives past details very correctly including personal details but is inaccurate about future. No. Complete future is known to God alone! No astrology can foretell future in tune of 100%. So, this question is erroneous. Rishis who wrote Nadi leaves probably got inspiration about a person in detail ‘till that person approaches a nadi leaf reader and gets his past, present decoded’. Future life of that person was written broadly and in advisory capacity. Remedies (called parihar) to offset/minimize evils are given more importance. Rishis wanted that person gets his leaf read, gets his future brief and then performs remedies.
  • Chances of locating ‘your’ leaf are 10%. Yes. For a customer who wants to get his future read, this answer is probably 10-15% as one nadi centre cannot keep lakhs of prints. However, we have an-India network with most genuine Nadi centres and chances of locating your leaf are probably 70-80%.
  • You are charged ONLY if your leaf is located. Yes. You will be directly dealing with, Times of India Group. You pay to them only. We charge a nominal amount for searching your leaf – presently fixed at Rs.1500/ only. In case your leaf is not traced, this amount is returned 100%. Times guarantee – as Times Group is known for its integrity, honesty and straightforwardness.



Nadi-Search 100 INR $ 50

Send your thumb print via email at (with the order number in the subject line) – left hand thumb for ladies and right hand thumb for gentlemen. We search your leaf India-wide. Normally we locate your leaf in 2-3 days, though in some cases it can take longer – up to 3 weeks. Using your thumb impression, we conduct India wide search including villages in India and find your bundle and then shortlisted your leaf. Our representative speaks to you, tells you some present events and your basic characteristics. After you are SATISFIED with first call and about 80-95 percent points match, we take your birth details to confirm your leaf. Then we make another phone call (if required or requested by you) and tell many more details that will astonish you. All in confidence and accuracy and genuineness. The order is then closed by our expert with a written report.

Future Life Forecast by Nadi Astrology 2100 INR $ 111

You would have already received a report of past and present for product 1. In this product you will receive a detailed report in English of 3-4 pages describing your future life. This is Chapter (Kandam 1). It covers predictions on ALL areas of your life BUT in brief. Like, personal life, marriage, career, progeny. We also reveal remedies in brief. Remedies can be getting some specific poojas done + remedies of visiting specific temples on specific auspicious days. For example, we may tell that you have blood pressure problem that can alleviate at age of 54 and it can be stalled by visiting a particular Ganesha temple on 4 consecutive Ganesha Chaturtithi + Graha Lakshmi Pujan performed over 45 Homas for 23 days, etc. We don’t hold any info. We reveal everything.

Future Life Forecast + Two Detailed chapters chosen from 2-12 kandams 2100 INR $ 111

Kandam 2 : Family, Power of Speech, Education, and Eyesight, Family life.

Kandam 3 : Brothers and Sisters, affections or hatred with them, benefits and problems through them.

Kandam 4 : Mother, Properties, Vehicles, Houses, Agriculture, Fortune, Enjoyments and comforts in life.

Kandam 5 : Children, their Birth, Benefit and Problems from them. Reason for not bearing children. Remedies to have progeny.

Kandam 6 : Diseases, Debts, Adversaries, and Trouble from them, Litigations and ways to remove them. 

Kandam 7 : Timing and other details of marriage, reasons for Delay in marriage, Details of Bride and bridegrooms and Benefits from partner.

Kandam 8 : Native's Life span, Critical Periods in lifetime, Accidents, danger and their avoidance to maximum extent.

Kandam 9 : Father, Wealth and Fortune, Visit to places of Worship and Initiations from Preceptors in detail.

Kandam 10 : Trade, Business, Profession, Job, Career, Suitable business and most Profitable Sources.

Kandam 11 : Business, Source of Lump-Sum profit, Second Marriage, Heavy vehicles and its merits.

Kandam 12 : Source of losses, Expenditure, Reasons for them, Salvation, Politics, Overseas travels and advantages.

Specialised Nadi Pariham, Deeksha (Remedies ) 2100 INR $ 111

The main Aim of Nadi Astrology is to solve problems in a focused manner in complete confidence. These remedies will be performed in exact accordance with the Pariham Chapter (Kandam )and Deeksha Chapter (Kandam) of your personalized Nadi Leaf . All the remedies will be performed professionally according to position of Sun , Moon and Other Planets . Problems such as Delayed or No Progeny, Physical , Mental and Emotional Stresses , Broken Education, Parental Problem and Set back in Career are taken care of in Particular.

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