Know Yourself
Dear Friends,

Here I am trying to let you know your real identity. Let us start from your birth. Remember the day when you were born. As soon as you come out on the earth, you can see happiness all around. Everybody becomes happy. Your parents/relative gives money to Nurse and then they give you a name. You get different names like Chunnu/Munnu/Tunnu etc.

Your mother says “Mummy ka Beta/Beti”.

Your father says “ Papa ka Beta/Beti” and so on.

This is the time when you start losing your identity.
During the time of your growth from Childhood to Old age, you get a lot of things in the life and with every success, you get one more identity.
By the time when come to the stage of death, there are so many identities are hanging around you. Here is one example.

My Name My First Identity
Fathers name My Second Identity My Third Identity
P.HD. My Fourth Identity
Data base Administrator My Fifth Identity

If I live long and retire from the job then another identity will be added to me.
Retired Data Base Administrator.

Now see, when I was born, I had nothing but now I am surrounded by so many identities and I am never able to come out of it.

My real identity is lost and so the purpose.

Now imagine that what would happen when I would die.

May be for the first few days, My family/Friends/Relative will remember me but finally I will be out of the record for ever.

All the identities/Property/Wealth including my body will go in vain.

So in real meaning, these are not my real identities because it does not exist forever.

Now the question is who am I?

What is my real identity?
One thing is sure that I am not the body because we have to leave it. It does not require any proof as you can see that people are dying around you and you can see that their physical body, wealth, property etc. is left here only.

Medical science has progressed a lot but still we are not able to save the life of human being which clearly indicates that there is something within the physical body of the human being which is unknown to us.

Some people call it SOUL; some people call it Consciousness etc.
I do not want to give it any name but I will say that is YOU, who has left the body and went somewhere.

Where we go is again not sure. Some people say that you go to Hail/Heaven where you get the punishment and then come again in this world to get the reward/punishment of pre-birth karma.

No need to think of all this because I know it would lead to a big argument and I do not want to go in that circle because I am not sure about it.
Here is the time when you have to take the decision.

Now before you take any decision, please empty your mind with whatever believes you have. Forget that what did you learn from the books and peoples and now think seriously about these points.

(1.) You spent 9 months in the womb of the mother. Imagine that you are living for 9 months in a very small place where you cannot move your body properly. Also it is full of Blood/Bones etc. How tough that was and would be? But still you survive and live alive. Think, Think and Think deeply about this. Spare some time and imagine.

(2.) When you get birth then you do not come with any Name. You get all this here only.

(3.) When you die then you do not carry anything. Your physical body is left here only which clearly indicates that you are not the physical body.

(4.) Every day you see that people are dying around you and one day it would be your turn. Think, Think and Think deeply about this that a day will 100% come when you will be carrying on Four Hands by your friends/relatives and your physical existence will be lost for ever. If you think deeply about the points which I have mentioned then you will be sure that YOU are only YOU nothing else. I do not want to give it any name because I do not want to add one more identity to it. I did make a base of thoughts for you now you have to do the following if you really want to know yourself.
It is very simple.
I just need two things from you if you want to know more about yourself.

  • Please give 1 Hours every day for yourself and just sit in peace. No Mobile, No Laptop, No friends, No family. Just you and only you. Decided one hour during the day and sit in comfort. I know it would be tough but you have to start now. Sit for 15 Minutes and then slowly increase. Remember that I am asking you to be quite as much as you can. I know thoughts will come but do not worry. Let it come. Just try to be in quite for as long as possible.
  • Make a small target every day for just a month. For example, today when I am driving then I will not look at the Advertising boards. Today when someone becomes angry on me then I will give him/her smile. Make these small targets every day and follow it.

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