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You can mail your problems to Mr. Alok Dubey and Mr. Dubey will guide you to sort out your problems in 72 hours. You will be surprised that a thought can change your life.

Paid Section-

For horoscope prediction you can mail your Date of Birth, Birth Time and Birth Place.

Horoscope prediction for 1 Year $ 50 Rs. 501
Life time prediction $101 Rs. 1001

For Trend of gold and silver you have to mail Your Name and Birth Time we will tell you best time for investment and support & resistance level of commodities.

For Weekly Trend   Rs. 300
For Monthly Trend   Rs. 1000

Lucky No. – For Lucky No. simply mail Name, Draw Time and Date of lotto lotteries

For hourly lucky No.   Rs. 31
For Daily Lucky No.   Rs. 101

Nadi Jotish – Mr. R. Bhaskar Swamy is a Nadi reader. Nadi is written in Tamil. Mr Bhaskar is specialist in reading Tamil cards written by SAPT. Maharishi for Nadi search you has to mail or courier your thumb impression (Male-Right Hand, Female- Left Hand) along with name and Date of Birth. On basis of thumb Impression we will tell you each and every thing of your life.

For Nadi Search general life time prediction $101 Rs. 1001

Vastu Consultancy – you can mail the map of your house and get proper vastu design of things to be kept in.

For Nadi Search general life time prediction $100 Rs. 501

How To Pay

Charges can be deposited in any branch of ICICI Bank.
Name : Anupam Prakash Dubey
Account No. 019801503070

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